Saturday, July 23, 2011

The University of Emmalee

Being a mom is incredible.  I am often amazed at the joy and meaning that Emmalee has brought into my life.  Not to mention the knowledge.  There are so many things that I now know that might never have occurred to me if I didn’t have a child.  Here are some of those tidbits of wisdom bestowed upon me by my experiences with Emma.
*      When left in a sippy cup on the counter for a couple of days, milk will change from a liquid to a solid.
*      A box of Teddy Grahams can change your life.
*      Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on every morning at 8:00 am.
*      Car seats have magic portals to another dimension making things like debit cards and pacifiers disappear.  Strangely, dropped Cheerios and Goldfish are not permitted through this portal.
*      Who Brobee is.
*      The trunk and backseat of your car, restaurant booths, strollers, any carpeted flooring, or a towel or blanket placed on the ground are all acceptable diaper changing locations.  (Hey, not everywhere is equipped with a changing table!)
*      A single grunt can convey a myriad of complex thoughts, needs and requests. 
*      Dreft, elbow grease and the power of positive thinking can get almost anything out of a cute shirt.
*      It is, in fact, humanly possible to say the word no three million times in one day.
*      As soon as you tell a toddler that they can have something they lose all interest.
*      Rain, dog tails and caterpillars are both fascinating and hilarious. 
*      Ni Hao means hello in Chinese.
*      Where the first aid building is at every Disney park I've visited with Emma.
*      That it is possible to survive without sleep.
*      Almost any task, including but not limited to cooking dinner, washing dishes, doing laundry, and using the bathroom, can be successfully completed using only one hand.
*      Hearing the word mom from your child’s lips can make you want to burst with joy and scream with frustration all in the same moment.
*      It is possible to exist with your heart outside of your body.  (Credit to whoever originally came up with this quote!)
Feel free to comment with any lessons that having a child has taught you.

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Amy said...

This is genius! I was laughing hysterically reading this post because it is all so true and definitely things and feelings I have experienced! Love it!